H105, American History I

Lecture 3:  Achieving Stability and Dominance in the Chesapeake

I.  Cultural parity, social fragility, and the English construction of cultural confidence
II.  Cultural symbolism in European images of indigenous women
III.  Importation of English women and new visions of colonial permanence

1585-1650 Virginia Maps
1585 John White, La Virgenia Pars
1612 John Smith, Virginia map
1650 John Farrer, Virgo Triumphans: or, Virginia richly and truly valued

1619-1634 From Temporary Outpost to Permanent Colony
1619 creation of “headright” land system — from extraction (gold) to production (tobacco)
1620 importation of women — from outpost to settlement
1634 creation of county system — from Native American to English land

  Key Definitions
headright 100 acres for settling, and additional 50 acres for sponsoring servant
indentured servitude sponsor paid passage from England across Atlantic Ocean, in exchange for 5 or more years of servants’ labor (whereupon awarded freedom)

c.1580-1724 Cultural Symbolism of Women
c.1580 Johannes Stradanus, America
1662-1663 Joan Blaeu, Atlas Major
16th century Taino women at work, drawing by Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo
1724 Iroquois women at work, drawing by Joseph-Francois Lafitau, in Moeurs de Savages Ameriquains
1612 John Smith, A Map of Virginia
Queen Elizabeth I vs. Pocahontas