American History I

Response sheet 3, for class, Tuesday

1.  In Frethorne’s woeful letter, what was the relative balance of power between the English and Native Americans?

2.  In the face of dire conditions, what did Frethorne expect the colony’s leaders to do?  What did he expect himself to do?

3.  We all experience change in our lives, sometimes drastic, sometimes mild.  One response to change is somehow to accommodate it with varying degrees of acceptance or rejection, and somehow to regain one’s equilibrium.  “Somehow” is the operative term.  Hopefully your circumstances have never been as drastic as young Mr. Frethorne’s in Virginia.  In your case, what have you done when you wanted or needed to regain equilibrium in your life, when some sort and some degree of significant change pressed upon you?  What did you do to try to re-achieve a sense of stability?