H105, American History I

Lecture 5:  Social Utopia and Confronting Dissent in New England

I.  “Citty upon a Hill” — not England, not Virginia, not Native America
II.  Utopian vision and principles of hierarchy and order
III.  Rejection of dissent and the preservation of social unity

1650-1700 Slave Population in Virginia
1650 300
1700 13,000

1565-1638 Colonization of North America
1565 St. Augustine (Florida); by Spanish
1607 Jamestown (Virginia); by English
1608 Quebec (Canada); by French
1609 Santa Fe (New Mexico); by Spanish
1620 Plymouth (Massachusetts); by English
1624 New Amsterdam (New York City); by Dutch
1629 Massachusetts; by English
1634 Maryland; by English
1638 New Sweden (Wilmington, Delaware); by Swedish

1637-1676 “Indian Wars” in New England
1637 Pequot War
1646-1675 John Eliot’s missionary program
1675-1676 King Philip’s War

1650-1663 New England Religious Tracts
1650 Thomas Thorowgood, Jewes in America
1648, 1652 “Eliot tracts”
1661, 1663 John Eliot, “Indian New Testament” “Indian Bible”