American History I

Response sheet 11, for class, Tuesday

1.  In what ways did the Connecticut slaves appeal to the consciences of white state legislators?  What values did they invoke, hoping that such values would bridge the gulf between slavery and freedom, black and white?

2.  In what ways did “American Woman” seek to expand women’s social roles during wartime?  In what ways did she preserve roles deemed traditional for elite and middling women?

3.  One of our themes in grappling with the American Revolution is the sheer difficulty of breaking out of unconsidered mindsets.  You are the generation which has spent the most time — and the most formative time — on electronic devices, especially “smartphones.” In other words, you are the generation which has spent the most time being quietly subject to algorithms that determine what you see online.  The algorithm generation!  How many hours per day do you spend embedded in algorithms?  How do you break free of those algorithms?  Which is to say, how do you break free of conformity, and exercise free will?