American History I

Response sheet 16, for class, Thursday

1.  What is your definition of “feminism”?

2.  What are your positive images of feminism, if any?

3.  What are your negative images of feminism, if any?

4.  Where do your various images of feminism come from?

5.  Why did Abbott deem (white) women to be important to the nation as a whole?  How had (white) men been inadequate in preserving the nation?  Did this mean that (white) men and women should be equal?  Why or why not?

6a.  According to Harriet Robinson, why was factory work initially so appealing to middle-class white women?  How were American factories compared to European factories?

6b.  How did (white) women contribute to the expansion of the middle class in the United States?

6c.  Why, though, did factory work eventually become so repulsive to Robinson?