American History I

Response sheet 17, for class, Tuesday

1.  In his autobiography, what did Otter mean when he said “set things to rights”?  What was the “correct” social order, according to Otter?

2.  In the 1776 U.S. Declaration of Independence, the key dividing line was between “American” liberty and British “tyranny.”  What was the dividing line in the working men’s declaration?  Why did the declarations invoke the term “aristocracy”?  Did they mean aristocracy in the British sense, or something else?

3.  How did the working men perceive the role of government?  In contrast, how did Lincoln perceive the role of government?

4.  According to Tocqueville, what effect did democratic equality seem to be having on Americans?  Were they more politically alert?  Were they happier?  Were they less conformist in their thinking?