American History I

Response sheet 21, for class, Tuesday

1.  Did Fitzhugh consider the North to be economically separate from the South?  How did he characterize the northern economy, based on factories?  By contrast, how did he characterize the southern economy, based on slavery?  Where did he locate the worst unfreedom in the United States?

2.  How did Fitzhugh describe the morality of southern slaveowners?  By contrast, how did he describe the morality of northern factory owners?  Whom did he see as benevolent and charitable?  Whom did he see as greedy and cruel?

3.  Did Taney (writing for the U.S. Supreme Court) see an enslaved black to be a citizen?  If not a citizen, if not even a person, then what instead?

4.  Why did the language of the Constitution fail to carefully and precisely distinguish between white people and black people, according to Taney?  What rights did Taney assign to white people?  Alternatively, what rights did he assign to enslaved blacks?